Privacy Policy

Like millions of other websites, we use Google Analytics to helps us better understand who is visiting our website and how to improve it.

What Google Analytics records:

None of the information collected by Google Analytics is personally identifiable and we do not see your IP address.  But we do gain access to data like:

  • the website you came from to get to our website;
  • how long you stayed on our website and the pages that you visited within our website;
  • your browser type, operating system and service provider; and
  • your city and language setting.

Here is a sample Google Analytics report from another website.

How we use this information:

The information from Google Analytics reports help us understand our visitors and how they engage with our website.  We view Google Analytics reports primarily to see how users find our website (i.e., the last website visited before our website), the raw number of visitors and how visitors browse within our website (i.e., pages visited within our website and time spent on each page).  Again, we do not access your IP address or any personally identifiable information.

Learning more and opting out:

To learn more about Google Analytics, please visit this webpage.

You can also opt out of Google Analytics by installing this browser plugin.